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We offer comprehensive mobile application development solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our mobile developers have rich expertise in developing customized mobile or tablet application catering to unique requirements of various businesses. We provide our customers with full-cycle development from an idea phase to product launch and also offer continues support. .

We develop applications
  • Web APP development
  • Android
  • iOS
  • API development
  • IOT GIS Asset Tracking
GPS Tracking Software

Our GPS tracking Software is an advanced mapping and reporting software.

A GPS-enabled Device is installed or fit into the asset which we want to track after-that this device collect and transmit tracking data via a cellular or satellite network, whichever works best for your operations.

The device then delivers the data to the Track Your Assets on hosted application, here user can access through the Web or on Mobile or on Tab at any time.

User receives real-time tracking updates including location, direction, speed, idle time, start/stop, history, alerts and more, allowing you to manage a tighter schedule and more efficient fleet

Student Transport Tracking

Konecta, provides a custom GPS Tracking Solution designed for educational institutions.

The solution is primarily focused at enhancing the student safety as well as the accountability of the travel operations with student management.

More than just remotely tracking the fleet, the solution is designed to track every student, using RFID integration.

This solution enables the school / college authorities to manage their transport operations more efficient, at the same time provide better peace of mind for the parents